Dump Body


Handles Sand to Large Aggregates, Riprap, and Asphalt
Center Console Control Package
8” Bottom Sub-frame – Crossmember-less
Front Shovel & Shovel Brackets
(3) Taillight Package
Air Release Tailgate Latch – Over Center Lock
Standard Tarp – Electric Motor, Mesh Style Tarp
2-Part Polyurethane Black Paint
2” x 8” Rough Cut Side Boards
In-Line Hydraulic Filter Assembly

Key Advantages

 Body Construction/Materials
· Minimum 65KSI steel. Most competitors use A36.
· 3/16” floor, sides, front and tailgate. Most competitors use 3/16” and 10ga floors with 10ga and 12ga sides and tailgate.
· Formed main runners. Crossmemberless.
· Continuous welds throughout. No skip welding.
· Dirt shedding top rail and tailgate are standard.
· No need for vertical side braces
Vertical Hybrid Cylinder Design
· Smaller dog house for increased volume and less material packing around the doghouse.
· Shedding plates on front gate provide better cleanout when dumping.
· Cylinder is more accessible.
· Compact front mount. Less weight.

Rear Hinge/Hitch Benefits
· No frame cutting or welding. Easily removed leaving frame in original condition.
· Less corrosion over time and no welds or frame cracking.
· Hitch can easily be mounted at time of install or after.
· Thoroughly tested for strength with both FEA and truck to truck.
· Body could be easily removed and mounted on different chassis.
Twin Air Tailgate Latch Cylinders
No linkage to adjust or break.
· Spring loaded lock for security.
Standard Lighting

Bolt on Cabshield




Dump Body


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